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Ding Dongs and Flu Shots

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Sister Mary Catherine.
Vocation Day 1964.
Daughters of Charity.



Sister Mary Catherine has her own take on the flu shot debate. Never one to shy away from controversy, Sister Mary Catherine ponders the shot-no shot dilemma and asks the question most of us are just too embarrassed  (or educated) to ask:

“If flu shots are ineffective and Twinkies deliver the same toxic load, then can I skip the flu shot and just have a Twinkie instead?”





By Sister Mary Catherine


Flu shots give me the heebie jeebies. They just don’t make sense to me; and I have personally witnessed some serious and permanent reactions that would make anyone swear off them. One memory involved a very young man in a brand new wheel chair being pushed by his shell-shocked and betrayed mother. I had the doctor appointment following his. When I questioned the doctor about what I had seen, he gave me a deep sad frown and said simply – flu shot aftermath.  I wonder which part of the flu shot recipe caused his lifelong debilitating injury?

This is one recipe I don’t recommend:

“Before you vaccinate for the flu, you should understand what is in the vaccine. (more…)