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Reality TV came calling and we said …

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

by Mary Duggan

Mary Duggan

I think shut and up are the two ugliest words in the language – any language – when they are used together. Afforded an opportunity to speak up, I perk up, or so I thought. That is until recent developments found me standing shell-shocked in the middle of some sort of open-talk-portal. Requests to speak began to present themselves so quickly that I found myself scrambling to determine what exactly it is I have to share. Radio, TV, print media – even, God forbid, reality TV have all come a calling. It has all been a bit much. A blessing and if not a curse, then at least a curiosity. (more…)


Lifestings in the Blogosphere: Pure Wow!

Monday, August 6th, 2012

As the folks at Pure Wow! say, “Insect repellent is obviously a summer must.” They named our lifestings “best for your skin.” We know our “clever formula” of organic catnip oil works and unlike alcohol-based repellents, it “soothes what itches you while preventing additional bites.” Read their whole post here.


Lifestinks in the Blogosphere: Fit Bottomed Girls

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Jenn, we can’t wait to hear what you think about lifestinks®! We’re sure you’ll love it. Thanks for your write-up on Fit Bottomed Girls. We agree that lifestinks® is a great eco-friendly find for the summer and it’s cost-effective too. Our refillable stainless steel decanter comes with about nine months of deodorant. That means lifestinks® only costs about $3 a month to get started and goes down to about $1.50 once you start refilling as a part of our green refill program.

We recommend that you start with the lavender regular strength and only step it up to extra strength if you consistently apply the stinkstick booster. We have some great YouTube videos to answer any questions that you might have and get you started. Keep us updated on your eco-friendly summer. Lifestinks® puts you in control — even on the hottest days — to keep you dry and odor-free. While your readers are waiting to hear your thoughts, check out our video testimonials to hear from members of the lifestinks family talking about their experience with a natural deodorant that actually works.


Lifestinks in the Blogsphere: Well Spent

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Many thanks, Brad, at Well Spent for your lifestinks shoutout. We misread your comment on first read that lifestinks® is the “hippiest” product you use. We were sure you meant “hippest.” But if “hippiest” refers to our green refill program and lymphatically sound deodorant choice, we’ll take it!

We know that “nothing comes close” to lifestinks®. That’s why we created it. We were fed up with natural deodorants that promised to work but never did. One word on the price, though. An initial stainless steel decanter may cost $27 but it lasts about nine months! That means you’re spending about $3 per month on deodorant. That’s cheap compared to what you’ll find at Walgreen’s or the health food store. Plus, once you move into the refill program, your cost comes down to $1.50 per month.

We’re glad you stuck through the transition. Very few users experience that, and know that you can always boost the odor control of lifestinks® by adding the stinkstick® booster or by switching to extra strength. Some big stinkers even use both.

Thanks again for the lifestinks® love, Brad!


Lifestinks in the Blogosphere: Goodies and Besties

Monday, May 21st, 2012

The post on lifestinks® on Goodies and Besties taps into the concern many mommies have surrounding chemicals. Know that lifestinks® is a safe option for your kids.

“It was one of those AHHHH moments! They have developed a natural deodorant (that actually works). It’s called LIFE STINKS and comes in an adorable little canister with a six month supply of powder. These three sisters are delightful and their enthusiasm is contagious. The packaging and marketing equals perfection.”

Most users now report getting about nine months of use from their first decanter.


Lifestinks in the Blogosphere: Sustainagal

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Sustainagal, we love your experience transitioning to lifestinks®. “I waited and waited for the stink to come but it never did!!! I’ve been using the deodorant for about a month now and it does the job!” That’s what we like to hear because with lifestinks® and our stinkstick® you can always control the amount of odor control you need to get the job done.

Thanks, Sustainagal!


Lifestinks in the Blogosphere: The Succulent Wife

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Thanks, Audrey, for your post on The Succulent Wife. We’re so glad you found lifestinks® for your mother-in-law.

“I had to try this.  My mother-in-law, Betty, is a breast cancer survivor and I knew I had to get her a LifeStinks kit. I told her the story and she confided in me that she’d always hated wearing store-bought deodorant but felt she had little choice because the natural stuff never worked for her.  She absolutely loved the Lifestinks product!  Not a big fragrance* fan, she still found the lavender very pleasant (I personally love it, but then I am a fan of essential oils).  She stayed with us for a month during Christmas and never looked back at her store bought deodorant again. In fact I found it in the bathroom waste basket after she had left. Now that is a testimonial!”

* Lots of people that are sensitive to fragrances really appreciate that lifestinks is made with essential oils. “Frangrance” is a term developed by the perfume industry to protect their top-secret concoctions. They don’t have to tell you what’s in it. Not so with lifestinks®. Duggan Sisters products are fragrance-free, and we only use the best Australian botanicals on the market.


Lifestinks in the Blogosphere: Eclectic Eating Chicago

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Thanks, Patricia, for your post on Eclectic Eating Chicago.

“The base ingredient used to make LifeStinks is aluminum free sodium bicarbonate. This is not the baking soda that can be purchased at the grocery store as that product contains aluminum. Pure Australian botanical oils like tea tree oil are added to address odor causing bacteria. Lavender or cedarwood is also used to further naturally purify the underarm area. The Duggan Sisters buy the oils from a company that has an on-site laboratory where all essential oils undergo rigorous testing and analysis. This is done using the latest in Quality Assurance with Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) equipment to accurately analyze each and every batch of essential oils they produce. Sounds like James Bond kinda stuff to me!”

We like the idea of Daniel Craig wearing lifestinks®, that’s for sure!


Lifestinks in the Blogosphere: That Shop Girl

Monday, May 14th, 2012

We love that your family loves lifestinks®!

“My whole family is in love with their products, and my super active yoga mum even said she noticed a difference right away and didn’t smell at all after teaching two back to back classes. I love that you can sprinkle it in some of your closed toed shoes that get the funk when you don’t wear socks!”

Keep smelling sweet!