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From #11 to #11: I need your voice!

Friday, July 29th, 2011

I don’t often play the baby sister card, but being the 11th of 11 children makes me a member of an elite group of big babies. Another card-carrying member of this Irish Catholic Last in a Long Line of Siblings Club is the imagesinimitable Stephen Colbert. So, in this post Duggan #11 is asking Colbert #11 to give the Duggan Sisters’ message some much appreciated attention.

Isn’t attention getting what baby sisters are supposedly all about?

Mr. Colbert, are you listening?


Dear Mr. Colbert,

This past spring I watched as you impaled the Dove/Unilever body image damage machine. It was brilliant and I thank you. I implore you to use your acclaimed voice to take it one step further.

Please consider the story of two sisters on the South Side of Chicago fed up with corporate greed and ineptitude who started making natural deodorant by hand in their basement and selling it to their neighbors. Hear their remarkable story of an endeavor that has captured the imagination (more…)



Thursday, July 21st, 2011

By Mary Duggan

Everyone seems to be buzzing about a story in the Los Angeles Times entitled, “Access to grocers doesn’t improve diets, study finds.” It references a study that confirms what I have long said about healthy eating – access to grocery stores is not enough. Yes, food deserts are immoral and problematic. Yes, economics figure largely into obesity. But, apparently from the results of this substantive study, proximity to fast food seems to be the big determinant in being too big. If it’s there and it’s cheap and it’s fast and it’s delicious who can say no to fast food. WHY? Because fast food is addictive, just like cigarettes, and so we need to call this bad boy by its real name DRUGS, and JUST SAY NO! (more…)



Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

by Mary Duggan

I just love Jamie Oliver.  There are so many voices in the discussion about food; and I admire what many of them are contributing to our national debate. But nobody does it better than Jamie Oliver when it comes to taking it from discourse to the main course. Check out this Jamie O quote from a recent and fascinating Los Angeles Times article entitled, “Access to grocers doesn’t improve diets, study finds.”:

“If you go into most grocery stores across America, the majority of the store is chock-full of processed food calling out to you from the packages, ‘Pick me! I’m tastier and more convenient. And ringed around all this are good old veggies, with no instructions.”


I couldn’t agree more. I hear this CALL FOR INSTRUCTIONS all the time from sincere folks who really want to eat healthier and go to the produce aisle only to be overwhelmed by the wide array of fruits and vegetables available (more…)


What’s with the name already?

Friday, July 1st, 2011

By Mary Duggan

The Duggan Sisters have had a ball with the name of our deodorant. For folks who don’t get it, perhaps a bit of history behind the naming of our lifestinks® deodorant would help. Here’s the first layer of the story. In 2007 we pooled all of our available resources to have a sophisticated website built to support the work of our home based healing center – The Rose Cottage in Beverly. We were amongst a handful of people trained in a very unusual system of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and we had lots of other healing techniques in our bag of goodies – from Raindrop Therapy and Far Infrared Sauna to Transformational Reiki and Forrest Yoga. Business was pretty good, but ever the worrier, Mary, was looking at a flagging economy and wondering how long we would survive the looming cash crunch; a website had gone from being a possibility to an essential. So, we gave a reputable designer our last resources (more…)