Ding Dongs and Flu Shots

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Sister Mary Catherine has her own take on the flu shot debate. Never one to shy away from controversy, Sister Mary Catherine ponders the shot-no shot dilemma and asks the question most of us are just too embarrassed  (or educated) to ask:

“If flu shots are ineffective and Twinkies deliver the same toxic load, then can I skip the flu shot and just have a Twinkie instead?”





By Sister Mary Catherine


Flu shots give me the heebie jeebies. They just don’t make sense to me; and I have personally witnessed some serious and permanent reactions that would make anyone swear off them. One memory involved a very young man in a brand new wheel chair being pushed by his shell-shocked and betrayed mother. I had the doctor appointment following his. When I questioned the doctor about what I had seen, he gave me a deep sad frown and said simply – flu shot aftermath.  I wonder which part of the flu shot recipe caused his lifelong debilitating injury?

This is one recipe I don’t recommend:

“Before you vaccinate for the flu, you should understand what is in the vaccine.

The flu shot contains a mixture of egg proteins including bird contaminant viruses. It also contains polysorbate 80 (associated with infertility in animals), formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), Triton X100 (detergent), sucrose (sugar), and thimerisal (50% mercury by weight).

The multi-dose flu vaccines still contain mercury which is the third most toxic item known to mankind. You should not ingest or inject any mercury containing products. Looking at this cornucopia of toxic ingredients should make it clear that it is best to avoid injecting the flu vaccine in any living being.

Flulaval, the most commonnly prescribed flu vaccine on the market, contains 25ug of mercury per dose along with formaldehyde. Formaldehyde, as stated above, is a known carcinogen.

In fact, this dose of thimerosal exceeds the EPA’s safety limit of mercury exposure by over 250 times. Mercury is a known neurotoxin and is the third-most toxic element known to mankind. Injecting mercury into any living being should be outlawed.”

– Dr. David Brownstein, see link at end of this post.


Life HEELS all wounds or wounds all HEALS. Or something like that. But I saw it once on a beach towel, so I know it is true.

I have my own personal alternative to the media medical hype about needing a flu shot. It is two-fold. First, I prepare for flu season by working on being healthy and strong and disease-resistant. This year I did a 30-day HEEL cleanse. Heel is a German homeopathic company and they have been around forever. Their Detox-Kit is an old friend I have reconnected with and it is my new favorite way to prepare for cold and flu season. It’s really easy and effective. I did it daily for the month of October. It’s as simple as homeopathic drops in water that you sip throughout the day for 30 days. The cleanse runs around $40 tops, often less, and I found it to be way simpler than the Naturopathic cleanse I do each spring. Most days I felt particularly good, some days I felt the effects of cleansing so I slept a little extra, pampered myself a bit and tired to get my sisters to feel sorry for me.

Available in Chicago at Merz Apothecary or online at SmallFlower.com (click on photo to learn more).


Stimulation is key. Enemas are optional.

Here’s why I think this sort of purification makes so much sense. Detoxification is a process of stimulating the organs in your body designed to cleanse and purify you. They can become really sluggish, overwhelmed and dysfunctional. Healthy people (and I do NOT count myself among them) have finely tuned detoxification organs and when they sense even a little bit of sluggishness they take care of business with increased rest, high percentages of raw foods, maybe a far infrared sauna or two, a colonic if they can afford one (an enema if they can’t) and strict avoidance of junk foods and people with bad ideas. Soon they are restored and strong enough to survive daily contact with people who have had a flu shot (this sentence contains a hint.) Again, I have never been among this “fine-tuned” group. I have to work at health constantly.


My doctor and I avoid all talk of my health.

The Heel Detox-kit targets kidneys, lymph, and the digestive system and tunes them up. My chiropractor is also a Naprapath and is generally pretty disgusted with the state of my body, though he would never be so unenlightened as to say so. We avoid all talk of my health as much as possible – go figure. However, at a recent appointment, he commented on how healthy my inter-connective tissue was. He went on to say he had never felt my spleen and liver in such great condition. I remained silent about my recently completed Heel cleanse and just delighted in comments that to a patient with my health and fitness profile is like “Hey, you look great in those skinny jeans!”

So, I do a pre-winter homeopathic cleanse as the foundation of my winter flu and cold season prevention protocol. I add in early to bed and not getting too involved in all the crazy over-eating and over-doing of the holidays and I am able to get winter down to just seasonal affective disorder, dry skin, bad hair and cabin fever; more on those annoyances later.


Part two of my protocol.

I avoid folks who do get flu shots. I have a theory that folks who get flu shots just might be making me sick. I’m thinking hey they get injected with some flu strain or the other; generally not the one that surfaces and will actually make folks really sick that winter. They incubate that flu strain and in fighting what has been injected into them they get some sort of flimsy guarantee of not getting the flu.  And frequently plenty of them get really sick with the flu. And they do that around me. So I’m thinking maybe their flu shot is making me sick. It’s my theory and I’m standing by it. It couldn’t be much crazier than getting injected with Thimerisal and hoping for a healthy winter.


Doctors, nurses and the plague

It is common for health care workers to be required to get a flu shot because they will be working around individuals with weakened immune systems compromised by illness or post-surgical distress. So, I also stay as far away from health care workers as possible during the winter. I do not like to be around these flu incubators because I have a pretty lame immune system and I don’t want to end up at their job site – the hospital. Actually I try to avoid these folks like the plague; because for all I know they might have been inoculated with the plague. Remember who makes these shots. They are not the nicest people, and hey formaldehyde (!?) — maybe not the smartest either. So even though some of the smartest and nicest people I know are health care professionals, sorry Charlie.

Get my program? Part one: build up your health with detoxification, healthy foods and ample sleep. Part two: avoid folks who have had a flu shot, even if they wash their hands a lot. I know, I know. I only make deodorant and blog about things like raw foods and chemical free personal care products. If you prefer your health advice from a medical doctor, check out Dr. Brownstein’s blog (I’ve included a number of pertinent links below).


P.S. When the Duggan Sisters feel any flu-like symptoms coming on they slide into a eucalyptus smartsoak® and let the healing minerals and stimulating botanical oils do their thing. I don’t get paid to blog, so I might as well insert the occasional self-promotion.













P.P.S.  Dr. Brownstein has always had lots of interesting things to say about flu vaccine:

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Find Books by David Brownstein MD at his bookstore


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      I can’t recommend enough to everyone to get their iodine tested. We were stunned to see the amounts we needed. I feel so much healthier and “safer” with this taken care of. Be well, Mary

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