Lifestinks in the Blogsphere: Well Spent

Many thanks, Brad, at Well Spent for your lifestinks shoutout. We misread your comment on first read that lifestinks® is the “hippiest” product you use. We were sure you meant “hippest.” But if “hippiest” refers to our green refill program and lymphatically sound deodorant choice, we’ll take it!

We know that “nothing comes close” to lifestinks®. That’s why we created it. We were fed up with natural deodorants that promised to work but never did. One word on the price, though. An initial stainless steel decanter may cost $27 but it lasts about nine months! That means you’re spending about $3 per month on deodorant. That’s cheap compared to what you’ll find at Walgreen’s or the health food store. Plus, once you move into the refill program, your cost comes down to $1.50 per month.

We’re glad you stuck through the transition. Very few users experience that, and know that you can always boost the odor control of lifestinks® by adding the stinkstick® booster or by switching to extra strength. Some big stinkers even use both.

Thanks again for the lifestinks® love, Brad!

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