An End of Summer Launch

By Mary Duggan

Mary Duggan

Today is our summer intern Talie’s last day with the Sisters and Clare is baking a low-sugar/gluten-free coconut and almond cake to mark the occasion. Oh yeah, our Talie is a lucky girl. We do things up big here at the deodorant factory.

Almond Cake with berries

If I remember college at all, I know about six weeks into dorm food Talie will be remembering this healthy treat fondly.

Talie has been a tremendous help to us and has balanced the fine art of packages out the door, with data bank updates and Quick Books input. No matter the strange summer weather, she has carried sunshine in the door each and every morning with her sweet and gentle nature. She is the product of what used to be known as “good home training.” Does anyone even call it that anymore? Those intangibles of yes, please and no, thank you and so much more. She is opinionated and well-spoken and a credit to the superb school she has attended. It’s no surprise that Sarah Lawrence has snagged her for their graduating class of 2018.

talie sl horizon

Most likely Talie’s summer with the sisters will be remembered for the mundane work of each day. But sometimes even deodorant production can be great fun. We just loved having Talie tag along on our midnight run to WGN Radio for our guest slot on the RedEye Remix with Amy Guth. Talie was a natural in the control room sitting beside Producer Katie Gibson. Who’s to say what the future holds for this bright up and comer?

talie wgn katie

In addition to Talie’s many special youthful qualities she also holds a very special and unique place in the hearts of the Duggan Sisters. Because Talie grew up in the same big old corner house that we did. We lived in it decades ago when it was brown and chock full to overflowing with young Duggans. She has been on board for it’s recent transformation to green and has had no doubt a bit more room to spread out with her twin sister and her folks. But a home is not measured in the number of its inhabitants; rather it is remembered for the shelter it provided, the love it held within, and the way it tugs at the heart when it is time to leave. Many, many years ago each Duggan Sister pulled up stakes, left our familar home and made our way out into the great big world. Today, we wish Talie the very, very best as she flies the coop.

prospect house

Our “shared” homestead some 50 years ago. Back before the mighty oaks fell and the elms gave way to the dutch disease. But still the same wonderful old friend of a home.

And of course, as Talie heads off to her freshman year of college, we have to share just a few words of wisdom. Otherwise, what have all these wrinkles, I mean laugh lines, been about.

talie sl swing

The curriculum at Sarah Lawrence is said to be some of the most rigorous in the nation. I’m just saying.

So Talie, remember, don’t rush too fast to grow up. Your ability to hold onto the best parts of being young will serve you better in your adulthood than any premature seriousness.

talie sl castle

Is this really a college? Where is Sleeping Beauty?

Sarah Lawrence should be able to help you with his – after all, when we look at photos of SL, it looks like you might actually be going to college in Disneyland.

talie sl coin image

Is it just me? Doesn’t anyone else see the resemblance?

If anyone on campus notices that you bear a subtle resemblance to the founder of SL – or at least you will in about 60 years – just smile coyly, cast a knowing glance, and say nothing. Oftentimes in life it is what we don’t say that advances our life the fastest.

talie sl rahm

If too much studying at SL leaves you with dark circles under your eyes, call us. We can recommend a natural concealer that works!

As you consider what sort of career to prepare for, know that the sky is the limit. If you do return to Chicago after graduation, don’t feel that your only employment possibility resides with a certain other famed SL graduate. You have a deodorant factory, as well, that would open its arms to you.

talie sl snow

Were there no colleges in Florida or Hawaii that interested you? Two words here – Polar Vortex!

We know things will look pretty much like this by the time we see you at the holidays. But promise us that you will stop by and give us the 411 on life at SL. We know you will be dripping with East Coast sophistication and we will want to hear all the scoops.

talie alfresco1

So off you go, Miss Talie, on your big life adventure. Take a deep breath. Know that you are well-loved and well-prepared and that the big old house and Mom and Dad and your crazy deodorant-making neighbors will all be rooting for you. You are going to be more than fine. Just make sure every time someone snaps your photo that you say, Yeah!, just like we taught you. Because your great big happy saying yes to life spirit is what will guarantee your happiness everywhere life takes you. And that’s a promise. Now off to college with you, your bright future awaits you.


the Sisters

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