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An Amazing Message

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

By Mary Duggan

grace restaurant mirrored selfie

Life has been a little rough lately. Lots of loss, some searing betrayals, some crappy disappointments. My heart was sore in my chest as we headed out to the BOOMbox Network’s B(l)oomers party during BlogHer 2013. But the never accept excuses from me Anne Marie Kovacs insisted that I come, at least for her promised hugs. So we went.

Waiting in line for the party on Saturday night we realized we were standing in front of the mirrored window to the acclaimed Chicago restaurant Grace. This is not just a world class restaurant to me – meaning I could never afford to go there. This is one of the most amazing stories of not just surviving against the odds, but of thriving as well. If you don’t know the story behind this restaurant, enhance your experience as a human being and read this heartfelt piece of journalism by my all-time favorite Kevin Pang. One of the most inspiring stories about not giving up – no matter how rough the road – that I have ever read. A  work of journalistic art so exquisite that it has inspired the making of a movie about this spirited young chef whose life is a work of art and an expression of grace.

We took a selfie. Today I looked at it and then I got it.

Never. Give. Up.




His Saving Grace_with text intro




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