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Sunday, November 4th, 2012

The summer of 2012 will be remembered for a long and destructive drought. For the sisters though there is also the memory of a new product launch. Read as Mary reflects on the sisters’  decision to incur substantial expense and big-time stress to expand their wellness message to include mosquito-born-disease. A recent article in the home town paper made it all seem worth the while. 

By Mary Duggan

Folks are always suggesting new products for the Sisters to make. How about detergent or shampoo? Can’t you do something for my cuticles? My answer is always the same. We try to take on the products that no one else is doing, or no one else is doing well. The more complete answer – they also have to really matter. Deodorant does and so does bug repellent.


In 1958 I hoola-hooped with abandon while my parents feared Polio Virus. Daily naps were mandatory.


I have had a life long problem with mosquitoes. (more…)