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RAW UPDATE ON THE SISTERS: don’t judge my lunch box.

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

The Duggan Sisters’ Half-Baked Raw concept follows the ageless advice to seek progress not perfection. During the two years that Annie and I maintained a 100% pristine raw food regimen we endured some pretty miserable holidays. We put our best food foot forward and conscientiously towed the line. Holidays stunk, and parties were avoided; but raw foods worked. Health for both of us improved dramatically and we weighed way less than before “going raw.” Especially Annie; she actually got skinny. I mostly got looked at funny with ‘why are you still so chubby if you’re so raw’ glances. Because this is what 65 pounds lost looks like idiot. Yes, raw foods did leave me a little crabby. I had a ways to go.

Our new program, a mindset we call Half-Baked Raw, involves (more…)