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Don’t Just Say No, Say I’m Sorry

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

MaryDuggan_hands on hipBy Mary Duggan

When you give up glutens, and I know you will eventually – the tipping point grows closer and closer each day – don’t just give up gluten. Say I’m sorry to your body too. And send down pro-biotics and other gut-restoring goodies to heal the damage done. If you don’t know what those goodies are, seek out professional folks who do.

Nutritionist Kelly Dorfman, author of “What’s Eating Your Child?” had me cheering with an insight she shared in a recent interview with Mari-Jane Williams of The Washington Post. The talk was too skinny kids on gluten free diets; just the sort of condition that would have traditional nutritionists finger-waving and clucking about the needs for “healthy whole grains.”

Kelly dorfman nutrition

Kelly Dorfman is a nutrition detective who works with medical professionals around the country to help people with complex ailments and symptoms.

But Dorfman made the wiser point. You can’t assume (more…)


Eight Good Years

Friday, March 9th, 2012

by Mary Duggan

If you read one book this spring, I strongly encourage you to make it Wheat Belly.  A New York Times Bestseller, written by Wisconsin cardiologist Dr. William Davis, it will forever change the way you look at pastries, pizzas, and all the superficial delights of the gluten world.

Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis

We had been a gluten-free family for many years, as it was part of getting Annie well. I went along for the ride but I was decidedly haphazard in my approach. It was Annie’s problem and she had the gastro intestinal turmoil to prove it. In solidarity I munched on gluten-free crackers and drizzled gluten-free pancakes with pure maple syrup and I had to agree – they were way more delicious than their gluten rich counterparts. But I was never averse to preceding a selection from the gluten-free menu in restaurants with a few buttered slices of the house baguette. Strictly gluten-free was Annie’s cursed state. I never fell victim to gluten’s deadly effects. Or so I thought! (more…)


Psoriasis: Heartbreak or Epidemic?

Monday, October 31st, 2011

by Mary Duggan


I can’t go anywhere without encountering people suffering with psoriasis; oftentimes the people are small children. Folks with psoriasis are always wondering if I have anything to help them – a bath soak, a skin cream, or a special soap. I know that our soaps and soaks can provide temporary relief; and I have sourced some wonderful oils that I am working up into a healing soak for psoriasis sufferers, but none of that will cure psoriasis. What I do have to offer are a few suggestions:

  • Admit that what you are doing for your psoriasis is not working.
  • Admit that the suggestions of your well-meaning physicians have done little to relieve your suffering.
  • Demand better than creams that thin the skin, drugs that cause bone spurs or damage the liver, or light treatments that increase the likelihood of skin cancer.
  • Don’t play the genetics victim role. Make a decision to be smarter and more powerful than the stroke of bad luck genetics that predisposed you to psoriasis.
  • Consider the possibility that psoriasis is the best thing that has ever happened to you.
  • Don’t wait for the crippling pain of psoriatic arthritis before you listen to your skin.





An Invitation to Half-Baked Raw™

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Have you considered going raw but your family won’t take the plunge? Our Half-Baked Raw™ series can help. Join the Duggan Sisters in the kitchen as they explore how to go raw — whether that be 100 percent, 30 percent or 80 percent. It’s all about progress — not perfection.