Don’t Just Say No, Say I’m Sorry

MaryDuggan_hands on hipBy Mary Duggan

When you give up glutens, and I know you will eventually – the tipping point grows closer and closer each day – don’t just give up gluten. Say I’m sorry to your body too. And send down pro-biotics and other gut-restoring goodies to heal the damage done. If you don’t know what those goodies are, seek out professional folks who do.

Nutritionist Kelly Dorfman, author of “What’s Eating Your Child?” had me cheering with an insight she shared in a recent interview with Mari-Jane Williams of The Washington Post. The talk was too skinny kids on gluten free diets; just the sort of condition that would have traditional nutritionists finger-waving and clucking about the needs for “healthy whole grains.”

Kelly dorfman nutrition

Kelly Dorfman is a nutrition detective who works with medical professionals around the country to help people with complex ailments and symptoms.

But Dorfman made the wiser point. You can’t assume that the gut will heal quickly just by going gluten free. You’d think a few years would be enough but it isn’t always so. Dorfman reminds readers of the value of digestive enzymes, extra zinc and “possibly, probiotics.” Possibly was her word choice – not mine. I would say definitely probiotics and really good ones at that. The ones kept in the refrigerator (way expensive) or the affordable but time-consuming ones brewed up in your kitchen like the raw food product Rejuvelac. Both of which trigger discussions of the need for fermented foods. Another discussion altogether and an important one.

My point. Be patient. Love your body enough to let the gut heal. Help the gut to heal. Have the guts to dismiss the inaccurate and common notion of “healthy” whole grains. Listen to your guts. If you’ve been consuming the Standard American Diet (SAD), your guts probably have a sad tale to tell. Listen, apologize for what you’ve been up to, make changes and then BE PATIENT. And partner up with others (doctors and lay people alike) who have been down the road before you. Food is a shared experience. Don’t eat alone. But take your place at the table courageously. Have the guts to have healthy guts.



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