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Kourtney Kardashian Stinks…

Friday, February 1st, 2013


because she has just had a baby and wisely is refusing to wear deodorant. Or so I hear from our lovely and loving hair stylist. “I was watching the Kardashians (and she said this without any shame at all) and Kourtney has B.O. but she won’t wear deodorant because she thinks it will jeopardize her baby’s health and I thought of you guys right away. You have to tweet her about lifestings. This could be huge!” And there you  have it, 3 degrees of separation between the Triple Ks and the Triple Ds is rapidly narrowing. So, do we tweet her and hope that she doesn’t read the references I consistently make to us as a culture surely being able to do better and be better than THOSE 3 SISTERS? Who, by the way, I credit as smart and successful entrepreneurs, but REALLY?


And there is the guy who used to live next-door saying, “I don’t know how you ladies would feel about this but Howard Stern is fanatic about deodorant (more…)