Kourtney Kardashian Stinks…


because she has just had a baby and wisely is refusing to wear deodorant. Or so I hear from our lovely and loving hair stylist. “I was watching the Kardashians (and she said this without any shame at all) and Kourtney has B.O. but she won’t wear deodorant because she thinks it will jeopardize her baby’s health and I thought of you guys right away. You have to tweet her about lifestings. This could be huge!” And there you  have it, 3 degrees of separation between the Triple Ks and the Triple Ds is rapidly narrowing. So, do we tweet her and hope that she doesn’t read the references I consistently make to us as a culture surely being able to do better and be better than THOSE 3 SISTERS? Who, by the way, I credit as smart and successful entrepreneurs, but REALLY?


And there is the guy who used to live next-door saying, “I don’t know how you ladies would feel about this but Howard Stern is fanatic about deodorant and he is always looking for a natural deodorant that actually works.” And there it is, one of our slogans embedded in his message, “a natural deodorant that actually works.” But how would I feel about it? I’m scared to death just thinking about it. Afraid that Howard Stern would either be all over us being fat girls or chubby girls or worse and that he would be asking us to take our shirts off on air. Yikes! That’s how I would be feeling about it, despite knowing that he’s a tender soul under it all.


And I know that it would be worth it to have a special line for young women called “Taylor Made Lifestinks” for the enormous Taylor Swift fan base, if we could just garner the endorsement. And yes I have the lyrics all rewritten and I have the sisters humming along to “One day I’ll be living in a great big city but all you’ll ever do is STINK…” If I just had the energy and wherewithal to go after that level of endorsement. But I don’t.


Five Years In

This past November we hit our five-year anniversary and thought for half a minute about doing something to mark the moment, but we were just too tired and there wasn’t a dime to spare. Five years is a significant milestone for a small business that is alive and relatively well; the business, that is, the sisters – just barely. Empty real estate all around us reminds us daily that so many others have closed the door, shuttered the windows, hung the CLOSED sign and gone home defeated. I don’t know if it could be called a celebration but I have chosen to mark the achievement with some time spent in reflection, looking back and wondering on the tired days if it’s still worth it and on the critical days if we could have or should have somehow done things differently and on the balanced days hoping that maybe we did some things right after all.

We started small, stayed in the basement, and never intended to be an overnight sensation. That for sure has worked out.

We listened to our customers at each and every farmers’ market, school fair, street festival and art show. And I think that is why we have hit the mark in so many ways.

We answered the phone and the emails, even when you sounded really mad. We did the due diligence and addressed factors like candida and bowels and parasites in armpits. None of that was fun.

We ignored the hype, never thought for a moment that Oprah would launch us into the stratosphere, and knew from the jump that this would be a hard run marathon, not a quick sprint. All the while fighting to earn every accolade possible, knowing all the while that word of mouth is all we can really count on.

We bet on you. We bet on decency, integrity and quality even when despicable partners mocked us for doing so.

And we kept the faith. Some days that is the hardest thing of all.

Younger than me entrepreneurs are always saying that what we do is all about passion. I know where they are coming from but I just can’t agree. Passion waivers and falters and sometimes fails completely. That is why it is always paired with commitment to guarantee longevity and success. As I look back on the past five years, I see sacrifice, suffering and service. I know that is not hip or trending or oft repeated. But I will know it is time to celebrate and that we have MADE IT when we can go to the dentist and the eye doctor and out of town weddings instead of always having to say: I hate that you are in pain; I can see that you are squinting; and I am so terribly sorry but we just can’t come.

These are amazing times we live in. Much has changed. Much more will change. And while I focus on timeless qualities of honesty and courage and kindness that endure forever, I am left wondering nonetheless. Do you think Bill Moyers will ever want to interview The Deodorant Makers of Beverly Hills? Do I have to let that dream die? Do I actually need to find out what deodorant Justin Bieber wears? Really?

For now, Kourtney Kardashian needs lifestinks deodorant and she needs it bad. People, it’s time to tweet. In the name of a worthy grassroots movements, care to join @duggansisters and tell her your stories of chemical free victories against stink?

Tweet your #lifestinks story to @KourtneyKardash

About the author:

Mary Duggan is Co-Founder and President of the Duggan Sisters.

The Duggan Sisters cracked the code and created a natural deodorant that actually works: lifestinks.  We hope you will spend a few minutes exploring duggansisters.com to experience their spirited approach to wellness through their natural products and healing stories.



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  1. Missy & John Hickey says:

    Hi Mary! Miss you guys we are in Ohio. I’ve got to order from you guys soon. ((HUGS)) Your former neighbors

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