Part 1: Ideally, Don’t Get The Flu

Okay, I thought I was invincible. The great thing about using functional medicine to stop autoimmune disease in its tracks is you rarely get sick. Really, I haven’t had the flu or a head cold or an upper respiratory infection or even a sore throat is so many years that I didn’t remember what to do. When I got all of the above. All at the same time. This year.

Grain free, sugar free, soy free, dairy free. You know how we roll here at the Rose Cottage. That’s why you never invite us to your home for dinner. Right? Well, this year that many years-long discipline failed us. When the flu rolled in. And we hadn’t made a plan.

I had not been paying attention to the flu scene in Australia – where it had increased by 200% with lots of Aussies hospitalized! It was that bad. And it turns out as Australia goes – so go we. Had I been paying attention, I would have taken measures. But I hadn’t and I should have.

Lucky you. If you still haven’t contracted the flu, you can take simple preventive measures to diminish your chances of getting it and shorten your duration and intensity if you do. Even if you have agreed to a flu shot – no judgement, just something I take a pass on – I would still take these simple healthy precautions.

Buy three products. 

flu propolis elderberry zicam

  1. ZICAM: it’s homepathic and very effective.
  2. Elderberry – sometimes sold as Sambucus – and BTW, it’s super yummy.
  3. Bee Propolis.

Get on ’em right now to build a barrier between you and all the folks around you coming down with or just getting over the flu.

And wash your hands like there’s no tomorrow. Constantly. And preferably a tea tree based soap. Like the great one we sell.

tt soap

And every time you see a bed, dive in. No matter how busy you are. Because sleep deprivation taxes your immune function and right now that’s not a smart thing.

Each of the sisters succumbed, one after the other, in the exhausting days before our biggest retail show of the year. This is a work around the clock time of the year for us – as it is for SO MANY OTHERS. We were fortunate that though we were idiots, we are surrounded in our industry by so many smart folks who know what to take, when to take it, and why. We did as we were told and it made all the difference in both duration and intensity.

We hope you consider taking these simple measures, in addition to the really clean diet and the smart supplementation program you have put together with your integrative doctor (which no doubt addresses all the Vitamin C and D and E issues) and you should fare much better than the Duggan Sisters who weren’t prepared AT ALL. And paid a terrible price for it, which I will cover in my second installment –

The Flu Is A Miserable Experience, But This Helps.


Mary Duggan

About the author: Mary Duggan is Co-Founder and President of the Duggan Sisters, creators of lifestinks® natural deodorant that actually works and lifestings® DEET-free bug repellent. 

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